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Hi Charming Beagle Puppies Home ,
I have been meaning to contact you for a while now. I cant tell you how pleased I am that I got went with my decision to purchase one of the Beagle puppy from your litter. Starr is what I have named him and he is absolutely delightful. Such a nice temperament and personality. I wanted to include a picture (taken about a month ago) and also say thank you again!


We 1st visited Charming  Beagle Puppies Home Cattery in Feb 08. The parents and grandparent were on the premises and absolutely beautiful. Not soon after we were bringing home our little bundle of joy. Our girl has been a great addition to our family. Her temperment is fantastic & she truly adores our 3 year old daughter. Champion Beagle Puppies Home does a great job w/his puppies and the bloodline is spectacular including champion. I would definitely recommend Champion Beagle Puppies Home to anyone looking for a fabulous dog.


Ok, I am finally figuring out my phone. I did send a blank email earlier by mistake.
He did well last night. He slept in his kennel downstairs with the girls. They were soooo excited to meet him. They had tears. 🙂 He doesn’t have a name yet-cant make up their minds. He loves to play with the other two dogs. He is eating, drinking well. The girls are taking him throughout the day in shool here to meet their friends. All is great here. Thanks again for the little guy and we will let you know his name when they decide. There are two pics attached. Please let me know if they came through or not.
Have a great day!


Good Morning Charming Beagle Puppies Home, I truly want to thank you for a wonderful buying puppy experience. You followed through with what you told me and I appreciate that very much. With so much scam artists out there on the internet it can make one very anxious about conducting business over the internet. I would not hesitate to recommend your establishment to my friends. Chester is doing well and as you can imagine he is being spoilt rotten. He had a bath yesterday and he has a vet appt. for Wednesday. The kids are off to a new puppy orientation class also on Wednesday:-). We want to make sure we do right by him. At some point we may have to look at another little one :-).Thanks again.


We adopted our Broc, in Dec 20th. Besides being absolutely gorgeous,he is the love of our lives. My husband and I have not had luck with our past two dogs due to aggressive behaviors, and Broc has just wiped out all our worries. Others actually bring their dogs to us for socialization. His disposition and love of life is just beyond words. I am an avid runner, and he is my number one partner. 🙂 He retrieves my shoes and the leash. I have been asked eight times if my Beagle is a “Champion Beagle Puppies Home” and I proudly smile and say absolutely. We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful addition to our family. We look forward to number two.


I was shocked.I LOVE him!!!!!!!!! He slept
with me on my pillow right next to my face. He is PERFECT!!!! So tiny I’m afraid I’m gonna break him. Thanks a million times he is worth every penny I paid. I didn’t realize you are my state, I have a friend from college who lives there too we visited her there many years ago it’s so pretty. Again thanks and I’ll send pics as hegets older. He truly is my bull Dream come true.Thanks,

Kelly Green

Hi Charming Beagle Puppies Home
Here is a picture of Raina. She is quite a girl. She is beautiful and SMART!! She had become Mommy’s Baby!Do you have any females left from the liter I saw? I think my brother in-law may be interested
We’ll keep in touch


I purchased Marcus from Charming Beagle Puppies Home and it was a great experience I would like to thank the staffs, for all their help. This is my first puppy and he is adorable, I would recommend Champion Beagle Puppies Home to anyone the staff are knowledgeable and very helpful in assisting you to make